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Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp
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Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp is just 100 km from Bangalore towards Kanakapura and it is an ideal weekend destination. But, we could promise you it is totally out of reach of crowd & disturbance of the city life. In case, If you are looking to take pleasure in the fascinating mixture of scenery as well as adventure along with calm & tranquility, visit to Bheemeshwari Fishing & nature camp situated along the Kaveri, one of the most superb as well as holy rivers of Southern India.

Wildlife at Bheemeshwari

At Bheemeshwari Fishing & Nature Camp, you are able to hang around with over 200 varieties of birds like pied crested cuckoo, gray headed fish eagle, and darter and so on. You possibly can even see deer, jackals, the very rare grizzled big squirrel, the leopard as well as elephants here.

In addition, if there is certainly one thing which has been getting people to the Bheemeshwari Fishning Camp through the years is the mighty Mahseer, certainly one of the leading fresh water sport fishes. There are few incidents, where it has been even landed one hundred pounds & heavier Mahseer on this stretch of river Kaveri.

Activities at Bheemeshwari

Activities at River: Refresh yourself by spending some time here in river Kaveri. Dip your feet at the pure waters and you may experience the travail of city life vanishing away. With the help of guides, you are able to test a hand at joy fishing. Even you can just travel down the Kaveri in the coracle boat and the tranquility as well as magnificent natural views conquer your attention & thoughts.

Numerous expert anglers from across the world swamp the fishing camps just for the Mahseer. The angling period begins during middle of November & continues till March the following year. Angling at Bheemeshwari goes eco-friendly method too. The Mahseer trapped are freed back to the river to make sure that this rare species is preserved well.

You will experience the adrenalin flowing by the excitement of river rafting on Kaveri usually in the monsoon time (July to September).

Other Activities: Take the thrill to a higher level by trekking across the Basavana Betta (hill). The trek of approximately 6 hours offer you an excellent scene of river Kaveri flowing all the way through the valley underneath. You can actually even opt for little-distance trekking early in mornings.

The Kavery Wildlife Sanctuary by its rocks as well as mountainous environment welcomes you to definitely get pleasure from trekking. The corporate can also perform team-building activity too. Camping in the star-spangled atmosphere is actually an extraordinary feel that you're going to appreciate forever.

Best Season to Visit Bheemeshwari

If you are looking to take pleasure in nature at Bheemeshwari Fishing & Nature Camp, schedule your retreat in the monsoon season like June, July or August. The luxurious green forest and also the river River - view and get mystified with natural world unfurling it unspoilt splendor before you. Apart from the Monsoon season, water recedes to disclose large sand banks, the place where you can actually rest back plus refresh yourself during the evenings.

Between September and February is the perfect time to go to the Bheemeshwari camp. This really is also the perfect season for bird lovers to watch birds as river terns, king fisher's , fishing eagles, and lots of others varieties gather at this juncture.

Accomodation at Bheemeshwari

Jungle Lodges have a beautiful accommodation facility. Log huts are available. You may also relax in one among the ten well-equipped tented cottages on the bank of river Kaveri for more nearer-to-nature feel.

Facilities at Bheemeshwari

Ayurvedic body rejuvenation treatment offered in Ayurvedic Hut maintained by 'Kottakal Ayurvaidya Shala', one among the specialists in Ayurveda.

Food at Bheemeshwari : Break away from the normal eating routine to take pleasure in a luxurious buffet of both Non-vegetarian and vegetarian food in an open-to-sides eating spot, the Gol Ghar. Have lunch once you check-in to the cottage, tea in late afternoon, food and drink in the region of campfire, dinner in Gol Ghar, the bed-tea at sunrise including a breakfast. Here you will definitely get all you could possibly have expected for.

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