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Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore
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Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore

The famous Big Banyan Tree or Ficus Benghalensis (also called as Dodda Alada Mara in Kannada language) is a huge Banyan tree located in the Ramohalli Village close to kengeri just about 28 kilometers west of the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.

This single plant is one of the largest of its type as well as spread across 3 acres of land. It is believed that this Big banyan Tree is not less than 400 years old.

As you near this place, the widespread canopy of the tree comes into view. There are some shops, hotels including Hotel Mayura belonging to KSTDC that come to observation as one drives into the spot.

After the world's biggest banyan tree at Thimmamma Marimanu near Gooty in Andhra Pradesh, the Banyan Tree at Botanical Gardens of Kolkata and Adyar tree at Chennai, this can be the fourth biggest banyan tree in India. As is normal to this species, the primary tree has more the years spread out broadly with several aerial roots or prop roots. With a huge number of such roots spread out, the tree covers an area of 3 acres.

The whole tree is fenced and one can walk alongside the labyrinth of roots, which make a cool, shady location. It is also believed that this Banyan tree is symbolic of the trinity with the roots representing Lord Brahma, the stems as well as the bark representing Lord Vishnu and then the branches representing Lord Shiva. You can find a Shiva temple in this location. The big banyan tree is also a well-liked outing for quite some time as well as a preferred location for several film shootings.

A few years back, the primary root of this Big Banyan Tree succumbed to natural illness, and therefore the tree appears like a number of trees at present. Big Banyan tree itself is ageing and nowadays being taken care off by some corporates. There is no entry fee to this weekend getaway.

Close to the Big Banyan Tree is the picturesque Manchanabele reservoir surrounded by hills that may also be visited on the way to Magadi Road and Mukti Naga temple is another near by attraction. Ramohalli is a quick getaway from the Bangalore City and can be covered as a day trip.

How to reach: Drive on Mysore Road after Kengeri, take a deviation to the right at Kumbalagod junction (Rajarajeshwari Dental College) and proceed for 7 km. If you are coming from Magadi Road, turn left at a location with a clear indication between Tavarekere and Chennenahalli, and continue for about 6 km. Many buses reach this place from Bangalore City.

Food and water: Available

Suggestion: The ageing of this tree has also necessitated some support to the branches and people are recommended not to get very close to them. Be careful about monkeys and take care to leave this place clean.

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