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Places of Entertainment in Bangalore

Bangalore stands out as the IT capital and Silicon Valley of India, and thus dedicated and skilled professionals reside in this city. But even professionals do get tired due to the hectic lifestyle and therefore the city offers numerous leisure activities and relaxation. So if you love watching movies, clubbing or just relaxing by the pool with all your family, you are able to do each one of these in Bangalore.

There is no lack for the way of entertainment in the city of Bangalore. Right from pubs to shopping malls, auditoriums to art galleries, there is something to keep everyone entertained. Actually, Bangalore is undoubtedly identified as the center of entertainment and leisure.

Bangalore is known for a flourishing culture of the club and many of its clubs have a history dating back to the days of the British. In recent times, several clubs and resorts have sprung up in the city of Bangalore. Simultaneously, several older clubs such as Bangalore club, Century Club, etc. still provide local as well as tourists with many choices for entertainment in Bangalore. People interested in golf can visit the Eagleton Golf Club or the Karnataka Golf Association.

Cinema Halls
One mode of popular entertainment in Bangalore includes the many cinema halls (theatres) and multiplexes dotting the city. Really Bangalore is without doubt one of the first cities where the concept of multiplexes was introduced. Many Cinema halls are located close to the restaurants, providing the total entertainment package for the whole day. PVR Cinemas, Vision Cinemas, INOX are few important Multiplexes of Bangalore.

Shopping Malls
The Bangalore city is a shopper's paradise. Starting from inexpensive roadside things to branded items you will get more or less everything and anything in this city. Bangalore is also filled with shopping centers as well as shopping malls, providing commercial outlets, restaurants including a kiddies corner, all in one roof. Forum Mall, Garuda Mall, Mantri Mall and Gopalan Mall are few important shopping malls of Bangalore.

The cultural side of Bangalore is reflected in the many auditoriums which have been established in the city. Right from dance programs to musical programs to plays, the auditoriums in Bangalore will certainly make happy the creative side of people.

Art Galleries
Art lovers who visit Bangalore usually do not despair. There are numerous art galleries in Bangalore that showcase beautiful pieces of art. Bangalore art galleries also serve as a showcase for people to come face to face with all the immense expertise of local artists.

Visitors may also visit the amusement park with their family to enjoy their weekend. You will get many entertaining things like the video games, bowling, etc., in the amusement park. There are many slides which are kept here for the entertainment of children.

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