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Bangalore is flourishing, and also take a look at a number of its nicknames says why: "Garden city of India", "IT capital of India", "India's Silicon Valley", "Fashion Capital of India", "The Pub City of India" and many more. Bangalore houses more than 6 million people, and also a center for more than 10,000 industries, Bangalore is fifth largest city of India and also the fastest developing metropolitan in Asia. The capital of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is positioned middle between the coasts in southern India. The Bangalore city was founded during the 16th century, and experienced important southern dynasties such as Kadambas, the Hoysalas and Vijayanagar rulers. As per the legend, the name Bangalore derives form "Boiled Bans" (aslo known as Benda Kaalu in kannada language) that was served by a humble aged woman to a hungry king during the 10th century.

Surprisingly, regardless of a few adverse environmental impact of industrial growth in Bangalore, one more of its nicknames is "The Garden City." That's because of countless local parks, together with pink cassias, golden acacias, and jacarandas which flourish all over the city.

A lot of international travelers visit Bangalore because of its superb educational institutions and universities, for example the Indian Institute of Science. While enjoying the nice and cozy weather conditions throughout the year, tourists may also make use of the city like a central base for day visits to other attractions of Karnataka like Mysore, Belur, Haledbid, Hampi, etc. And Bangalore does not just produce fine silk and software. "The Fruit Marketplace in the South" is great for grapes, mangoes and guavas.

Finally, Bangalore is also gaining the status of the "Floriculture Hub" because of the current increase of the flower export from the city. Because of the abundant stone resources Bangalore can also be recognized as the "Stone City", particularly because of its granite deposits.

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