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Janapada Loka
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Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka or Folk art Village is located in Ramanagara on Bangalore-Mysore highway. Janapada loka is spread over 15 acres of land full of greenery.

Janapada Loka was inaugurated on 12-Mar-1994. Sri Nage Gowda is the founder of this folk art village. Janapada loka has developed into a very important folk cultural centre in India and it is a center of Folk cultural activities.

Situated in a sylvan environment, Janapada loka has Museums, Auditorium, Open Air Theatre. Besides Folk art performance and Audio/Video slideshows facilities like Restaurant, Telephone and Toilets are provided.

The impressive main entrance stands out as the main attraction of the Janapada Loka. An impressive door decorated with Harige as well as Trumpets with tall brass Nandidwajas on both side of lane enrich the grandness of this entry. The look of door is attractive and is an accurate combination of Shaiva as well as Vaishnava cult.

You may purchase audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs as well as books on the subject of folk art types in the information center and literature along with a video display of documentaries as well as some folk art types are screened at the Video Scope theatre in Janapada Loka. A huge grinding stone, that was once pulled by 2 bisons, is really a perfect attraction of Janapada Loka.

The attractions of Janapada Loka:

Lokamatha Mandira is a museum displaying items of everyday use of folk people such as cooking vessels, instruments utilized for farming as well as animal husbandry plus many these kinds of rural activities.

Chithra Kuteera that displays various stages of literary achievements Mr. Nage Gowda as well as difficulty faced when constructing of Janapada Loka as well as has photos of various folk art varieties of Karnataka state.

Loka Mahal is usually a 2 storied structure spot where over 5000 folk objects are displayed.

Doddamane, a community house constructed in ancient rural design having a middle courtyard surrounded by pillars is a spot for workshops as well as seminars and in many cases allows temporary housing facility for visiting artists.

Shilpamaala, a spot intended for stone memorials, convey their very own story.

Artists having great talent in handicrafts such as pottery as well as wooden toys halt at this juncture and usually engage in creating object. As soon as imparting training in Dollu kunitha, Kolata, Goravara kunitha in addition to some similar arts, in-house performing groups of Janapada Loka are created.

Janapada Loka has been recognized as a research center by the Bangalore University. The Janapada College started in the year 1999 conducts Janapada Diploma as well as Janapada Certificate programs. Folk associated training camp, folk study workshops, in addition to seminars are usually held frequently in this campus.

Fairs and Festivals at Janapada Loka

Lokothsava in February - March
Kite Event in July
Dassera festival in October

The festivals and events attract many visitors.

Janapada loka is really a treasure dynasty of Folk museums as well as folk associated activities which invite students, people, plus research workers. Janapada Loka growing like a important Folk cultural centers in the world.

Janapada Loka timings: Wednesday to Monday - 09 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry Fee: Rs. 10/-

Janapada Loka
Bangalore - Mysore Highway,

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