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Kanva Reservoir
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Kanva Reservoir

Kanva Reservoir is an artificial lake and popular tourist destination located at a distance of 69 Km from Bangalore. The Kanva Reservoir is surrounded by the Wooded Hills.

The Kanva reservoir is created from the damming of the river Kanva and it is popular as a tourist getaway because of its birdlife.

Kanva Reservoir is usually a small irrigation project dam. Constructed in 1946 across the River Kanva, the dam is 15 km stretched covering 776 hectares. The Kanva River (a tributary of the River Kaveri) is named after the Kanva Maharshi (Sage), it is believed that he lived inside the caves in mountains as well as forests around the dam during the time of Ramayana.

Kanva Reservoir is a small dam and the water level was very low. If you are expecting very much from Kanva Reservoir, may be you can lower your expectations little bit.

You can see a fisheries training and research center at another side of the Kanva Reservoir, The main intention was to make the villagers self sustaining by way of fish farming.

You find hardly any place to have food - it is recommended to take your own snacks or food if you are going stay there for long time.

The cave temple of Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi is just 3 km away is nearby attraction of Kanva Reservoir. It is definitely an main pilgrimage center for Madhwa Brahmins, because it is said that a saint done penance at this place. A image of Lord Hanuman is installed inside the cave temple.

Best time to visit Kanva Reservoir: End of monsoon

How to get there (Kanva Reservoir)

Kanva Reservoir is just 69 Km from Bangalore and 10 Km from Ramanagara.

You can reach Kanva Reservoir using private vehicle like car or Bike

The route for Kanva Reservoir: Bangalore - Mysore road - Ramanagara - Little away from Janapada Loka right turn - Mud road - Kanva Reservior

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