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Muthyalamaduvu, Bangalore
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Muthyalamaduvu, Bangalore

Muthyalamaduvu (Pearl Valley) is popular picnic spot which has a captivating waterfall, located at a distance of 40 km from Bangalore city.

In case you are staying in Bangalore and just wish to relax, Muthyalamaduvu is a pleasant place to visit.

The feature of this weekend getaway is the waterfalls which is formed by thin jets of water which gushes down from the height of 90 meters. The drops of falling water appear to be drops of pearl. In Kannada language, Muthyalamaduvu means Pearl Valley (muthu = pearl & maduvu = valley). The source of this water is the Onakanahalli Tank located nearby.

Best season to Visit Muthyalamaduvu: The perfect time to go to Muthyalamaduvu is during the rainy season as well as immediately after the rainy season. For waterfalls between August and November are best time during this time they are in full flow.

Make sure that you will not be visiting Muthyalamaduvu on a rainy day. The place seriously is not convenient enough in case it rains.


If you're looking for the big waterfall in that case, we recommend you do not visit Muthyalamaduvu, because you are going to come back disappointed as it is a smaller amount of a waterfall but more of a picnic location.

Do not try to visit on a dry season. There may be a very less possibility that the stream are present.

This place really not properly maintained. Very soon before entering the Muthyalamaduvu, there exists a toll gate, where you must pay Rs. 20 as entry fee to the village administration. Also for parking, KSTDC collects Rs. 10 per vehicle as parking fee. There is a hotel at the place but you could avoid that for eating. But, you can find a well maintained place for rest rooms (toilets).

It is recommended to carry your own food as well as water because both are scarce, no guarantee of buying a good & hygiene food and also if you find, it could be high-priced.

Wear shoes/sandals which suitable for climbing on rocks as well as steep surfaces, because the pathways usually are not properly paved but quite natural as well as rustic.

You should not carry foodstuff near to the stream also avoid eating out in open places because Monkeys would snatch foodstuff from you.

Just like with any other weekend getaway location in and around Bangalore, you will come across drunkards and better to maintain distance from them.

How to reach Muthyalamaduvu :

Actually there are two routes to go to Muthyalamaduvu (Pearl Valley) from Bangalore

Route 1: Bangalore - Banneraghatta Road - Banneraghatta National Park - Anekal - Muthyalamaduvu (40 km)

Route 2: Bangalore - Hosur Road - Chandapura - Anekal - Muthyalamaduvu (50 km)

From Anekal you have to take a right turn, which will lead you to Muthyalamaduvu.

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