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Nandi Hills
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Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills has been a preferred picnic place for young enthusiasts on a weekend.

Nandi Hills or Nandidurg is an ancient hill fortress in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state. Nandi Hills is located about 60-65 km out of the Bangalore city limits. The anglicized forms of Nandi Hills include Nandidrug and Nandydroog.

The hills are nestled between the triple towns of Nandi Village, Muddenahalli, and Kanivenarayanapura. The Nandi Hills offers a surprise of breathtaking scenic beauty and excellent climatic condition

Origin of Name - Nandi Hills

There are many stories about the origin of the name of Nandi Hills. During the rule of the Cholas, the Nandi Hills was called as Ananda Giri meaning "The Hill of Happiness". Another story narrates that Yoga Nandishwara performed penance at this place, and so it was named after him. Another story says that that the hill gets its name from an ancient, 1000 year old Nandi temple situated on this hill. An ancient lord Shiva and Parvati temple also enhance this hill. Nandi is also commonly called Nandidurga (Fort) because of the fort build here by the ruler Tipu Sultan, the tiger of Mysore. Later, during the British Raj, Lord Cubbon made Nandi Hills as his summer retreat. It is also perhaps called Nandi Hills because the hill resembles a sleeping bull (Nandi).

Geography and Location

Nandi Hills is situated 4851 ft. (1478 meters) above sea level. It is located in very close to the newly constructed Bengaluru International Airport, the second largest in India. In addition, the hills are located about 20 km from the National Highway (NH-7) just after Devanahalli Town. The drive to the Hills is interesting, as one passes sleepy villages and farm lands.

Climate: The temperature is 25 to 28 degree centigrade during summer and 8 to 10 degree centigrade in winter. Nandi Hills receives a rainfall of 100 to 150 cm every year.

Few Tourist Attractions at Nandi Hills

Tipu's Drop: the famous place from where Tippu Sultan threw his condemned prisoners to death

Tipu's Summer Palace and Fort: During the period of Gangas, the Chikkaballapur chieftains built a fort. Tippu improved and also build a rest house. This used to be Tippus summer bungalow. It is not open to the public.

Secret Escape Route: A secret passage to the west, is assumed of having helped the Kings to escape during unforeseen attacks.

Horse Way: A stone doorway in the fort on the northeast side is believed to have been the way the horse to help soldiers to climb up on horseback.

Temples: There are few temples dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The temples are dedicated to Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha and you can also see beautiful old temples.

Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy temple: This temple is located on top of the hill, on the way to the Sultanpet, from Tippus palace, natural formation of huge rocks has been transformed into a magnificent temple.

Arkavathi River Origin: River Arkavathi takes her birth on the south-west of the hill.

Childrens Playground: The Karnataka state Horticulture department is maintaining a lovely garden for children to play games like the slides, merry-go-round, swings etc.

Rivers: The rivers Pennar, Palar and Arkavati originate from these hills. Most of the sources have dried up. Amruth Sarovar is a water lake that overflows with beautiful clear water through out the year.

Mayura: The Karnataka Tourism Department runs a vegetarian / non-vegetarian restaurant "MAYURA".

Apart from the above places, there are other interesting places like Nehru Nilaya, Gandhi House, Sri Anjaneya temple, Nellikayi Basavanna, Antaragange, Baananthi Bande, Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple etc.

Nandi Hills is also an ideal place for nature lovers. You can view many different species of birds, and hear many fascinating bird calls. Worth a visit at least once, and a good idea to make friends if you're bored of the usual holiday-shopping-cooking-at-home routine and crave a bit of good, fresh , mountain air!

Nandi Hills are currently undergoing a multi-crore development, including a renovation of the Fort Tipu through a public-private partnership to transform the hills into a tourist center.

The Department of Horticulture is also to create a food court modeled on one in Singapore, it is estimated nearly one crore rupees.

Accommodation at Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills offers modern, spacious, well furnished accommodation for tourists. Nehru House, formerly Cubbon House, built by Lord Cubbon has 18 rooms and available for tourists. Gandhi House, where Mahatma Gandhi himself stayed here, is now under the management of DPAR (Protocol) of the Government of Karnataka and is reserved for the residence of VIPs.

How to reach Nandi Hills

On the Bangalore-Bellary Road, reach Devanahalli cross, which is on the 36th milestone. Take the road on the left and travel about 11 km to reach Nandi cross. The foot of the hill is located 3 km from here. Doddaballapur road, turn right to reach the road that leads to the top of the hill. From the foot is 8 km of the top.

Timings: Nandi hills will be opened from 6 AM to 10PM.


For Reservations between March 15th and July 15th, contact

Horticulture Department,
Bangalore - 560 004
Phone: 080-26579231

For Reservations between July 16th and March 14th, contact

Nandi Hill Station,
Chikkaballapur Taluk,
Chikkaballapur district.
Phone: 08156 - 2678621

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