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Bangalore is not only the Garden city but also the paradise for the food lovers. The Bangalore city offers a wide selection of Restaurants that are unique and traditional. The Bangalore Restaurants are one stop getaway to order hearty meal; it provides a whole lot of lip-smacking and delicious meals. You can actually choose any delicacy no matter whether Chinese or continental. You will tantalize your taste buds by going to the best restaurants in Bangalore.

Bangalore Restaurants are popular for Asian cuisines. Apart from this, they have also appealed to the taste of world wide tourists. There is Italian, Continental, multi-cuisine, Chinese, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Andhra, Tamil, Mangalorean, Kerala and the local region of Karnataka.

Karnataka is usually a vegetarian's paradise and less than 30% of the people prefers Non-Vegetarian food on a regular basis. Vegetarian dishes are cooked from both Indian vegetables like gourds and brinjals and in addition incorporate various English ones including cauliflower, carrot and cabbage.

A traditional Karnataka meal may include a variety of dishes served on the well-rinsed Banana leaf also it is customary to eat using the fingers of the right hand. The Karnataka dishes share is a greater emphasis on rice, and plentiful Sambar and Rasam dishes, which can be vegetable stews and soup. Pickles and Papad usually are important element of this meal. The traditional Karnataka meal ends with Curd Rice.

The other important Vegetarian dishes of Karnataka include Bisi Bele Bath, Pulav, Kesari Bath, Masala Dosa, Plain Dosa, Set Dosa, Poori, Vada, Bonda, Idli, Rava Idli and Bajji.

Byrianis are also popular, particularly the Hyderabadi Byrianis and towards the coast, seafood, including prawns, mackeral and mussels forms the basis for most dishes.

Other Asian restaurants are also found in Bangalore, offering the very best in Cantonese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine. Most of the best Asian restaurants are outstanding top features of the top Bangalore hotels and any stay in a top quality Bangalore hotel is bound to include some very good quality Asian dining indeed.

European as well as colonial influences abound in Bangalore restaurants too.

You have got a variety of restaurants to select from, right from buffet to a la carte specialties. You can actually view your buffet spread on the internet and decide to eat in a food outlet according to its budget and style of food offered. A few of them are specialized in Italian type of food whereas others is usually famous for Chinese. Reserve your table in advance to ensure that you do not have to wait for long outside the restaurant. If you select to eat at the comforts of your home, you can still decide to order your preferred dish home.

Given below is the list of well-known restaurants in Bangalore.

Indian Cuisine

1498 AD, Palace Road
Abirami, Frazer Town
Caesars, MG Road
Coorg, Hotel Ashok, Kumarkrupa Road
Darpan, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
Ebony, MG Road
Gulmohar, RT Nagar
Ice & Rice, Koramangala
Jacaranda, Koramangala
Kabab Korner, St. Mark's Road
Kabul, Residency Road Cross
Lanai, Le Meridian, Sankey Road
Nizaams, Indiranagar
Rasoee, Indiranagar
Shezan, Lavelle Road
Tandoor, MG Road
The Royal Afghan, Windsor Manor, Sankey Road
Wazwan, Wheeler Road
Zodiac Fast Food, Fraser Town

Chinese Cuisine

Bangalore Mandarin, Indiranagar
Changs Bar & Restaurant, St. Mark's Road
Chinese Hut, Palace Road
Chung's Pavilion, Indiranagar
Chung Wah, Residency Road
Golden Harvest, Wheeler's Road
Mandarin Room, Hotel Ashok, Kumarakrupa Road
Nelson's Pavillion, Windsor Manor Sheraton,Sankey Road
Paradise Island, The Taj West End, Race Course Road
Shanghai Restaurant, Lalbagh Road
Shogun, Residency Road Cross
Silver Wok, Richmond Road
Taipan, Richmond Road
The Red Pepper, Brigade Road
The Rice Bowl, Lavelle Road

Continental Cuisine

La Casa, Jaynagar
Lotus, Hotel Ashok, Kumara Krupa Road
Sunny's, Lavelle Road
Nilgiri's Cafe, Brigade Road
Orange County, The Central Park
Fillers Food Services, Koramangala
Jockey Club, Taj Residency, M.G Road
Orchids & Roses, Cunningham Road
Pool Side Barbeque, The Taj West End, Race Course Road
The Only Place, Brigade Road
Windsor Grill, Sankey Road


Far Pavilions, St. Mark's Road
Koshy's Restaurant and Jewel Box, St. Mark's Road
Le Jardin, The Oberoi, MG Road
Nagarjuna Savoy Restaurant, Residency Road
The Pink Panther, Lady Curzon Road

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