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Savandurga is really one of the serene locations, set its calm surroundings and luxurious beauty. Savanadurga is usually a hill located at a distance of 52 km west of Bangalore (off the Magadi Road) in Karnataka. Savandurga hills are situated at an height of 1226 m above the sea level. Savandurga hills are considered to be one of the largest monolith hills in India plus forms a part of the Deccan plateau. It consists of peninsular gneiss, granites, basic dykes as well as laterites. River Arkavathi passes nearby via the Thippagondanahalli reservoir after that in the direction of Manchanabele dam. Savandurga is repeatedly visited by tourists for the reason that the locality has a very well-known temple as well.

Savandurga is formed by two hills identified locally as Karigudda (black hill) with Biligudda (white hill). The initial proof for the name of this hill is from 1340 AD by Hoysala Ballala III from Madabalu where it is referred to as Savandi. An additional observation is of the fact that name is originated from Samantadurga attributed with a Samantharaya, a administrator under Ahchutaraya at Magadi, even though there is no such inscription as proof for this. Savandurga was the secondary headquarters for the Magadi rulers like Kempegowda. From 1638 to 1728, Mysore rulers took over this place and Dalavayi Devaraja conquered this place with the palace at Nelapattana. In 1791 Lord Cornwallis captured Savandurga from Tipu Sultan's army in the Third Anglo-Mysore War. Robert Home in his Select views in Mysore (1794) shows distant views of this hill from Bangalore. He called it Savinadurga (fort of death in Kannada language). There have been no steps to reach the hill top also it was covered by bamboos as well as other trees forming a barricade.

Megalithic burial urns are present in the area. Saavana in Sanskrit also means three time rituals.

The Savandurga hills are frequently visited by pilgrims who come to visit the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy as well as Narasimha Swamy temple located at the foothills. Picnickers come here to spend time among the peaceful surroundings of this hill. Rock climbers, cave explorers as well as adventurers are among other people who visit the locale.

Flora and Fauna

Surrounding the region is a state forest with vegetation and dry deciduous forest which covers 27 km2. The degraded forest, and that is regarded as shrub & tree savanna of the Anogeissus-Chloroxylon-Acacia series is highly diverse, recording over 59 tree as well as 119 shrub varieties.

The Savandurga hills are residence for the rare Yellow-throated Bulbuls also were in the past residence to Long-billed Vultures as well as White-backed Vultures. Other flora and fauna consist of Sloth bear as well as leopard.

More adventure sporting activities at Savandurga:

Trekking at Savandurga: For the reason that Savandurga hills are situated at an altitude of 1226 m above the sea level, it is extremely adventure and awesome to perform trekking at savandurga.

Rock Climbing at Savandurga: You will discover huge rocks at savandurga which can be very entertaining to climb along with group. Rock climbing is without doubt one of the Uncomplicated adventure activity.

Nature Walk at Savandurga: Savandurga is found inside greenery of nature which provides delight to walk in Savandurga.

Savandurga can also be the most impressive place for corporate excursion.

How to reach Savandurga from Bangalore?

One of the best mode of transportation to reach Savandurga is by Car. It takes you approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive at Savandurga.

Bus route: Take a bus to Magadi Road from Kempegowda Bus Stand, Bangalore. This bus generally drops you at one spot of Magadi road within city limits, you would require to take yet another bus from here to the Magadi road junction where you might want to take a left towards Savandurga (12 km from the spot), you can find private and KSRTC buses to Hospet Gate(you can actually say Savandurga here). Overall travelling time is 2 hours 15 minutes from Bangalore. (Just in case you can't find a bus, auto should be considered for covering these remaining 12 km)

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